Q: Is this an official WSKO Seminar?

A: Yes.young aosaka

Q: Is this Seminar open to WSKO members of all branches and grades?

A: Yes – kenshi from all countries, branches and regardless of current grade are welcome.

Q: What is the minimum age for participants?

A: We’ve set the minimum age to 15 years so that all participants can train in the same group.

Q: There are rumours saying that the lunch is a buffet. Can I really eat as much lunch as I want both days? It’s not just a cold salad?

A: Correct – lunch is a warm buffet. You may eat as much as you’d like but we will be practicing during the afternoon as well so excessive eating might be a bad thing.

Q: Will there be examinations during the training camp?

A: No, at this time we are not planning to do any examinations during the camp.