._3aosaka gamaeWe are very proud to welcome grandmaster AOSAKA Hiroshi Senseï, 8th dan Daihanshi WSKO, technical director of Europe, 9th dan FFKDA, as the main instructor of this training camp.

Also present will be the long time assistant of Senseï, Didier Camp, 6th dan, as well as several senior Swedish branch masters. didier

Please join us in the beautiful nature of Åkersberga north of Stockholm, Sweden for the 2016 Shorinji Kempo Spring Camp. We are looking forward to hosting you for two days of intense training, good food and socializing with fellow kenshi.

The training camp will start the morning of May 14th and will run until 3 PM May 15th. Plan to arrive Friday May 13th.

Make sure to register as soon as possible to reserve a spot at the training camp. Registration closes April 16th.

Please see the FAQ for answers to the most common questions that we have recieved.